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The ‘Sage’ In Sage Psychotherapy

OK, so you have all heard the word Sage, many of you know this word more commonly to mean something that grows from the ground, that you may use to garnish up your more popular dishes.

For many centuries however, Sage has had an alternative meaning, representing inner wisdom, the pursuit of truth, the philosopher, the explorer to name a few. In fact, you may have heard of the expression to offer or give sage advice.
I was told a long time ago that within all of us rests a Sage. The Sage represents the wisest part of ourselves, sometimes depending on our life experience we might assume that everyone else is right or that we need to change ourselves to become what we think others want us to be. Sometimes we forget to stop and look within ourselves to find answers.

A popular Psychiatrist known as Carl Jung wrote about a concept known as Archetypes which detailed all the many aspects ourselves, – For example you may refer to Archetypes as putting on different hats – the worker me, the part of me that is a wife/husband, the part of me that is sad, critical, joyous to name a few.

The Sage is needed to inform or even balance the many other aspects of you that you carry in every day life. Part of what I offer is to support you in finding and developing your inner Sage. I use a variety of psychological approaches to support you in getting back to the ‘you’ that you may have been heading towards before certain life events or people knocked you off course.

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