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Q & A (FAQS)

Are you one of those therapists who just sit saying nothing?

No, I can absolutely understand why this might be very uncomfortable, silence can be therapeutic and powerful when used in the right way. Our sessions will be a collaborative experience.

I’ve had multiple mental health diagnosis over the years can you still help?

In my current work as a Mental Health Coordinator I work with many individuals who have had a range of mental health diagnosis over the years, despite the diagnosis I always find my clients to be individual and unique and will work with you in an adaptable and creative way to best support your needs.
There may be situations where I may not be able to work with you due to ethical reasons, for instance if you are already working with a mental health professional who is offering you psychotherapeutic support.

Where are you based?

I currently use a room from a charity called Escape Interventions in South Shields.

What can I expect when I first see you?

During the first/initial session I’ll get an understanding as to what support you need at the moment. As part of good ethical practice I will discuss with you how I will keep our sessions confidential and other data protection (GDPR) information. We will discuss how many sessions may be needed to best support your presenting issue or if you would prefer long term therapeutic support.

How long does a session last?

A therapeutic hour is 50 minutes

In some cases where Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the presenting issue it may be safe for us to arrange a 90 minute appointment, this is to make sure that we close our session down safely after conducting an EMDR session (making sure you feel safe enough to leave).

How Many appointments would I need?

I am usually able to get an idea of how many sessions may be needed during our initial session together.
This of course may depend on several factors such as your reason(s) for therapy and what skills you may already have in managing your mental health.

How much are sessions?

£15 for an initial session – I understand how scary pursuing therapy can be so want to charge as little as I can while being able to pay room cost.

£45 for a therapeutic hour.

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